Strengthen your positions, deepen your connections, spark innovations in chosen markets.
We develop and manage business events that are strategic, networking, educating and deal-making platforms for all stakeholders in respective sectors.

Entertainment, Media and Creation

Music, concerts and other forms of live performance are taking to the next level. This is made possible by technology and services related to music production, stage lighting and sound. Messe Frankfurt's international brands are a magnet for B2B and B2C target groups, meeting experts and key customers from all over the world.

Food technologies and beverages industry

This sector proposes practical solutions to sustainable and responsible food handling for a growing global population. At our trade fairs, you will see the innovations that ensure a safe, efficient food packaging and processing industry. The top themes are: optimising production, food safety, food trends and digital solutions.

Mobility and Logistics

Mobility and logistics have an immense influence on modern cities' life. E-mobility, autonomous driving, and renewable energy drives are hot-button topics in the auto industry. We provide the right trade fair format for intelligent ideas relating to the transport systems of the future.

Lighting and Building Automation

The digitalization in lighting, safety, and comfort are the mainstream topics today. Lighting, electrical engineering, technologies for smart and safe home and building automation is the basis that makes the environment around us comfortable. The experience with more than 40 events in the world’s most dynamic regions helps Messe Frankfurt to react efficiently to market demands.

Textile and Textile Technologies

The Gefera Media network links the leading international textile trade fairs. We showcase the trends and themes that are driving the development of technical textile and non-woven materials, and interior fabrics, home textiles and decorating materials.

Consumer goods

Both as everyday utensils and design objects, they are an important economic factor. They can also contribute pure emotion to our lives. The wide range of consumer goods is presented at our trade fairs:

Manufacturing technologies and machinery

Intelligent process optimisation, complexity and agility - the modern technologies change the economics of production. The additional technologies applying is one of the best examples how these solutions improve the traditional manufacturing. Machinery, moulding, plastics, agriculture, road construction are just some sectors representing at our shows.