About Gefera Media

About Gefera Media

Our company’s mission is founded on uniting professional communities across industries and geographies, bringing together businesses with the government structures and associations, therefore accelerating the success of our clients through face-to-face events.

Functioning as an independent Russian business, Gefera Media has been able to build up autonomy and speed in decision-making. At the same time, a profound understanding of the local market and global expertise accumulated over the years have always been the company's distinctive features, allowing it to organise high-class professional events and provide a high level of service, as well as to remain resilient in turbulent times.
Multiple businesses globally are facing the need to partially of fully redesign their supply chains because of recent geopolitical turmoil. In attempt to seek for breakthrough solutions for our clients, we are establishing strong ecosystems drawing on the complementarity between physical and digital.
Sergei Gorsky
Managing Director, Gefera Media Ltd.
We develop and manage business events that are strategic, networking, educating and deal-making platforms for all stakeholders in respective sectors.

  • Exhibiting at our shows allows the companies to present their projects and solutions in the most attractive way which facilitates and enriches their global connections and network

  • Various formats of business programmes such as conferences, forums, master classes, pitching sessions, round tables, help to learn about the benchmark practices, innovative products, to identify quicker and to analyze deeper the industry trends

  • Digital tools and hybrid events boost the leads generation processes, simplify the reach for targeted audiences and provide modern and diverse networking opportunities

  • Contests and awards is a great way to celebrate the accomplishments and to recognize the contributions within particular markets.


Gefera Media beneficially cooperates with the associations representing the interests of the Russian and foreign businesses.

In 2019, Gefera Media became the first exhibition company that joined the “Common Economic Space from Lisbon to Vladivostok” international initiative. The goal is to contribute to promote the development of free trade on the territory from Lisbon to Vladivostok.